Canada adopts fee and dividend

Canada adopts fee and dividend to price carbon

Eight years of relentless lobbying by the volunteers of CCL Canada paid off this week with the announcement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that carbon fee and dividend will be the default policy for pricing carbon in Canada. The policy is a backstop to cover the four provinces - Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick - that have not initiated carbon pricing policies of their own. Nearly half of Canada's population lives in these provinces. The plan will assess a fee on carbon starting at $20 per ton and increasing $10 per ton each year until it reaches $50 in 2022. Revenue from the fee will be returned to households. "We're the little lobby that could," said Cathy Orlando, CCL's International Outreach Manager based in Sudbury, Ontario. "Our patience and persistence has been rewarded with an effective program that puts Canada on the path to meeting its global obligation on climate change. Today's announcement is also an affirmation of CCL's approach to engaging government with an attitude of appreciation, respect and being nonpartisan."

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