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Coordinating Committee

Don Rivenes - Chair

The purpose of the Coordinators’ committee is to coordinate Climate Action Now committees and individual volunteers so that we can put together clear and coordinated actions and get out the word in a coordinated way.  All NC-CAN supporters are welcome.

The committee meets monthly at the United Methodist Church using the side entrance at 433 broad St in Nevada City. Please contact Don for further information.


Action-Based Education Committee

Teresa Langness - Chair

Offer action-oriented public events to assist the citizenry in reducing fossil fuels energy reliance; Co-sponsor youth activities to foster a young generation motivated as Climate Change Agents, who can carry the mission into the future.


Maintain and advance public awareness of the urgency of galvanizing around our climate-change mission

Present an educational camp that prepares youth for their role as climate change agents using collaboration


Click on link to see photo/essay of our 2016 summer camp. 

Issues-Related Advocacy/Social Action Committee

Reed Hamilton/Eric Jorgensen Co-Chairs

Act in alliance with the first two committees in support of progressive energy plans, reducing fossil fuel dependency in various sectors, and assistance for those already feeling the impact of climate change. Actions may include letter-writing, editorials, marches, and other advocacy actions.The Committee will be ready to act on urgently arising climate-related threats that affect Nevada County, while systematically monitoring predetermined issues (e.g. land use/logging, water storage, oil trains, agriculture uses, etc.). Affiliated with Citizen's Climate Lobby.

Renewable Energy Plan Committee

Don Rivenes- Chair

Encourage government agencies and businesses as they design and implement 100% renewable energy plans; Generate and promote information about energy-efficiency opportunities for organizations and the public.


Solicit organizations/citizens to support or participate in the creation of 100% Clean and Renewable Energy Plans that will guide all sectors of the cities and rural areas of Nevada County in the elimination of the use of fossil fuels. 

Waste Not Committee

Shirley Freriks - Chair

Encourage government agencies and businesses to support a circular economy for the recycling of materials, plastics, green waste and food waste. Educate the public on personal recycling practices including material separation and food composting.    

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