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Films/documentaries  to see and share - 

Plastic Wars about how the industry duped the public 

The Story of Plastics - Animated short 

The Story of Solutions  

Go to youtube - Story of solutions

Microplastics Madness -  

The Last Straw - video for kids 

Bag it!   Plastics story

Plastic free July 2022 talks by NCCAN, Waste Management,



Tips and actions for PLASTIC FREE LIFE


From Beth Terry’s book PLASTIC FREE 


Here are my top 100 steps to get started on a plastic-free journey. Choose a few to begin with. Don't try to do it all at once! Please explore, join a challenge, ask questions, subscribe. Together, we can change the world.

video clip YouTubes ABC short 2min personal story 


Earth Day - These tips are EXCELLENT! 

Deals a lot with plastics.


Plastics reduction challenge  - 50 ideas  


Microplastics Madness  documentary  


BEYOND PLASTICS  Check out our these 10 simple solutions, switches, and strategies to help you embrace reuse. 


Upstream Solutions 

They are leading the REUSE Revolution. Upstream  has 8 "R's" to guide us towards regeneration: "Rethink- your choices, Refuse -single use, Reduce- consumption, Reuse- everything, Refurbish- old stuff, Repair-before replacing, Repurpose-and re-invent, and Recycle-as a last resort".


Start the  Challenge DIET - 

 This diet identifies areas in garden, kitchen, household, bathroom, leisure and travel - revolving around tackling the concerns about plastic affecting human health, avoiding leakage of plastic into the environment and aiming for absolute reduction of plastic production.  Fun site and easy to just look through the ideas to see what one or two really touch your life. Nurse Betty is a kick.


SOLUTIONS -  A WINNING VIDEO to show everyone - I got some of my inspiration from this 10 minute fun video The Story of Solutions about game-changing solutions…


DISCERNMENT - Considerations of what to buy

- Go for the goal of NO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS – refuse and reduce – pledge a Plastics-free life - OR

-Look at the number of the plastic type on containers -

-#1-2 are usually recyclable most places – buy those if no alternative

-If #3-7, look for alternatives or ask - Can I make it? Do I need it?

-Is it made of recycled post-consumer material? That helps.

-Can you get the  item you need in bulk? Save containers to REFILL

-Find a refill store nearby

-Can you take your own container to a deli or store to be filled? Try it!

-Can you REUSE  the container?

-Can you get it in a paper box? With only one layer of plastic inside instead of two?

-Can you pack a lunch in reusable packets for snacks like cookies and crackers?

-If that plastic cannot be avoided and you really want it, write the producer to ask them to change the material. A small threat to stop buying the product helps their change of minds.

-Plastic bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap – REFUSE or look for grocery store collection boxes

Remember – reduce demand to reduce the need to produce more 

is number one action.

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