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Social Divesting


Divestment is the opposite of investment. Rather, divestment is the deliberate removal of investments in funds that are unethical. Fossil fuel divestment denotes the immediate termination of all new and future fossil fuel investments, divestment from existing fossil fuel stocks and bonds, and reinvestment in sustainable solutions. To fight the climate crisis, divestment campaigns have been used throughout the nation to center social, economic, and environmental justice, while challenging the unfettered power of the fossil fuel industry. Other areas for divestment include plastics, weapon manufacture, feedlots, etc.

  Ways to make an impact by divesting!

  * Buy products only from companies that have pledged to divest from use of fossil fuels

   * Sell investments in companies that are associated with fossil fuels 

   * Switch bank acounts and credit cards to a bank or credit union that does not fund fossil fuel companies

   * Reduce use of agricultural products that are non-organic or not produced locally

   * Reduce use of gas-powered vehilces

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Reed Hamilton on Green Banking

Green Banking
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   International Impacts


Ahead of COP26, the Fossil Fuel Divest-Invest Movement hosted a virtual briefing to release Invest-Divest 2021: A Decade of Progress Towards a Just Climate Future, a new report detailing how 1,485 institutions representing nearly $40 Trillion worth of assets have committed to some form of fossil fuel divestment, up from $52 Billion at the first announcement in 2014. From the beginning many Foundations helped launch and fund the Divest Invest Movement led by Wallace Global Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America, Park Foundation, Prentice Foundation, Shugar Magic Foundation and others. The increase from $52 Billion to nearly $40 Trillion in 7 years is an extraordinary increase, one that has been driven by a people-powered movement that is comprised of individual activists from around the world and hundreds of organizations, all calling for all institutional investors to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions..

Click below for access to a report rating the corporations on social resoonsibity 

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