Union Climate Denial letters

Books on Climate Change

Draw Down Edited by Paul Hawken 

The Age of Sustainable Development Jeffrey Sachs

Moral Ground Kathleen Dean Moore

This Changes Everything Naomi Klein

No is Not Enough Naomi Klein

Love in the Age Change Sharon Delgado

Climate of Hope, by Carl Pope and Micheal Bloomberg


Educational Programs

Climate Change lettters

6/14/2017 Peace L            Electric cars

05/18/2017 UUCM             Oil trains      

04/29/2017 Seamans        Future of Energy movie

03/16/2017 UUCM             Personal Activism   

02/16/2017 UUCM             Home retrofitting

11/17/2016 UUCM               Pipeline

09/22/2016 UUCM             Election discussion

05/24/2016 Empire           Renewable energy 

04/19/2016 UUCM             Buttermilk walk movie

03/10/2016 Grange           Soil not oil

02/16/2016 UUCM             Stop fracking movie

11/05/2015 Metho Ch         Encyclical workshops

10/20/2015 Nev City          This Changes Everything

10/06/2015 UUCM              Power Through Paris

08/09/2015 Nev City          Merchants of Doubt movie

05/19/2015 UUCM               Ground water resentation

04/26/2015 Metho ch        This Changes Everything book

04/21/2015 UUCM               Climate change and birds

03/17/2015 UUCM               Fire and Water -CCL

02/17/2015 UUCM               NID on water

01/20/2015 UUCM               First come/Thirst served

09/16/2014 UUCM               Divestment

06/15/2014 UUCM               Wisdom to Survive

09/27/2013 UUCM               Do the Math movie

D Rivenes Climate Action