What TO Recycle and What NOT TO

If you have been to the Waste Management website https://www.wm.com/us/en/recycle-right/recycling-101 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/wastenotnevadacounty

and still have some questions, this clarification sheet might help.


You have choices on how to dispose of your trash: Waste Management has curbside pick-up for garbage (black lid), recycle (blue lid) and green waste (green lid).


You can self-haul to the McCourtney Road Transfer Station (MRTS), or another Transfer Station. For some hazardous waste, you must haul to MRTS, or check with your local Transfer Station.


The biggest issue for recycling is CONTAMINATION.  One customer’s contamination can affect a truck’s entire route--the whole load is unrecyclable and destined for the landfill. What a waste!


Before you recycle / throw anything away anywhere ask yourself: can I Re-use - Re-purpose – Repair - Re-direct it??

Consider reducing the packaging you bring into your home by making your own cleaning products,  buying food in bulk, re-using or re-purposing containers you already have for storage  (that mayo jar you were about to recycle!)



ITEM                                                          WHERE IT GOES




Empty Metal cans/bottles,                                               Recycle

Clean aluminum pans and foil


Unclean cosmetic, toothpaste, food tubes                    Trash


All other miscellaneous metal -                                       MRTS-scrap metal

Fencing, wire, paint cans                                                                             


Steel Propane camping stove bottles                             MRTS -Hazardous waste

OR: switch to refillable “fuel your fun"                                                                            1lb propane container/refills available at:                                                                      HBE Rentals 11727 LaBarr Meadows Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945   

InnTown Campground 9 Kidder Ct, Nevada City, CA 95959




All glass is recyclable IF NOT BROKEN                          Recycle

(empty, wash & dry container)

Clear and all colors OK


Take plastic caps off                                                          Trash




Paper and cardboard - dry only please                            Recycle

Pizza boxes with no grease or food remains                   Recycle

If box is soiled                                                                    Trash

Take-out containers if waxed inside                                 Trash

(cups, boxes, etc.)

Wet paper                                                                            Trash

Shredded paper                                                                  Trash

(can recycle at House of Print and Copy)


Common paper products                                                   Recycle

(the machinery takes out staples, plastic windows, etc.)

        - Phone books

        - Wall calendars, wire bound notebooks

        - Stapled papers

        - Envelopes with clear windows

        - Envelopes with metal clasps 

        - Cards, wrapping paper plain  

        - Office paper

        - Slick paper, catalogs, newspaper              


Cards/wrapping paper with metallics/glitter                     Trash


Plastic cards inside the mail                                               Trash


Laminated packaging items (soups, dairy cartons, etc.) Trash           



#3- #7 can be recycled via TerraCycle

For information go to:



Plastic water bottles (ok to leave on cap)                           Recycle

(empty please- so no leakage)                                             See below for CRV                                                                                                               locations


Unattached plastic lids of bottles                                        Trash                         

Plastic “clamshell” food containers                                    Currently only  #1 and #2   (Salads, fruits & vegetables, etc.)                                        are recyclable

Plastic Tubes –Only if cleaned out please                           Recycle

Unclean medical, cosmetic, food products                         Trash  

Plastic bag packaging for chips, crackers, cookies           Trash             

(BIG litter item-consider buying bulk)

Plastic bags (plastic you can put thumb into)                     If Trash - Put none in        Thin or thick shopping bags and newspaper sleeves         Recycle bins. Not even    can now be taken to:                                                                    multiple plastic produce      Safeway                                                                             bags placed into one large  867 Sutton Way Grass Valley, CA(530) 273-2249                       bag. Waste  Management 

105 Neal St Grass Valley, CA(530) 273-0115                               cannot accept these –          SaveMart                                                                            they foul sorting            

2054 Nevada City Hwy Grass Valley, CA (530)477-9511                machinery and cause 


Take Bag Recovery Boxes to stores listed below                           

B&C Ace Hardware                                                                                                             2032 Nevada City Highway Hwy

Grass Valley, CA  530) 273-6105      

Grocery Outlet

616 Sutton Way, Grass Valley (530) 477-6961

Shrink wrap (Residential consumers)                                   Trash


Bubble wrap type packing material                                       Can go to plastic bag (ReStore & second-hand stores can use bags                     recovery stores or to      and packing material)                                                              UPS and other shipping                                                                                                     packaging stores                 



Please donate if possible

Otherwise, these go to the landfill – now there is a real waste!

Look at WasteNOT Facebook page for ideas on how to reuse





Anything with mercury in it                                                      MRTS -Hazardous waste

(Some athletic shoes with neon,

fluorescents light bulbs, Christmas bulbs)

Batteries                                                                                     MRTS -Hazardous 

Customers can place batteries in a plastic bag                     B&C and Briar Patch 

and leave on TOP of the trash bin for curbside pickup         Recovery Boxes

Remember: Dispose of batteries and the toys

they came in separately


Fertilizers, chemical pesticides, cleaning products               MRTS-Hazardous waste

All pet feces and kitty litter                                                       Trash

Rancid or used cooking oil                                                       Trash

(Hint- Mix it with an absorbent like flour, kitty litter or sawdust

and put in your trash can in a leak-proof container and toss in trash)






Recycling tips

   Minimal packaging ideas

New cleaning products without the plastic bottle





-B and C Ace Hardware store – 2032 Nevada City Hwy – 530-273-6105 –


-Safeway – 867 Sutton Way – At the south entrance between doors


-Safeway – 105 Neal Street –  On the side entrance toward Flour Garden – they bale up all their plastic in the back room like shrink wrap to return to their distribution center then it is sent to a re-processor


-Grocery Outlet – 616 Sutton Way -  inside central door on right as leave – Steve and Kim Smith, owners – grassvalley@groceryoiutlet.com 530-477-6961


-Holiday Market – 11324 Pleasant Valley Rd., 530-432-0110 Manager Barry - Penn Valley – 22 stores all offer plastic bag recovery plus shrink wrap -  sent to a re-processor


-SaveMart – 2032 Nevada City Hwy., Fowler Center – Box is inside the exit doors


-SPD Market – Nevada City and GV Crossings

­­­­­­­                                               __________________



CRV - CA Redemption Value containers

- plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles that have a deposit


Beverage containers covered under the act are subject to California Redemption  Value (CRV)

Return to participating locations to recover the deposit amount

--5 cents for containers less than 24 ounces

--10 cents for containers 24 ounces or larger

Must be rinsed out with no food or drink left.


LOOK FOR THE SYMBOL or label CA CASH REFUND or CA CRV that shows a deposit was made at time of purchase.

Details https://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/bevcontainer/bevdistman/labeling#Labeling



-Rite Aid Pharmacy store – 720 Sutton Way – ask for details on how much, etc.

-K Mart Store  - 111 W. McKnight Way – ask at Customer Service

-Waste Management - McCourtney Road Transfer Station

More information on how and what to recycle: